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26 Mar

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Located only 17 km from our hotel along the river Treska, lies the beautiful canyon Matka. This natural beauty which covers an area of 5000 hectares can satisfy the needs of any deliberate visitor. Thus, nature lovers have the opportunity to enjoy the view of this wonderful world that is home to more than 250 different endemic species of butterflies and plants.
The rainbow of colors who are pouring in the dense forest that surrounds the canyon Matka, and also from the crystal clear water of the river Treska, no one can remain indifferent.
canyon Matka on Treska riverFor those who want to recreate, the canyon created numerous hiking trails. Larger adventurers, mountaineers and climbers have the opportunity for training, while those more experienced has particularly marked trails with rock climbing pins. Furthermore, the Treska River is famous for its wild water which offers people the opportunity to take a kayaking tour of their life
3 billion years ago this place was a great lake that over time retreated and created dozens of caves that attract people from all over the world today. All these caves are with different size and age. The best known are the three caves, Vrelo, Krshtena and Ubava (beautiful) who are in the stage of maturation and fulfill with beautiful decorations. Especially important is Vrelo, which according to recent speleological researches has been named for one of the deepest caves in Europe. In its interior, we can see various figures stalagnites and stalactites. The caves can be reached by boat.
Canyon Matka can be easily called  Mount Athos of the Republic of Macedonia. Because of the difficult access to the terrain, in the canyon were built many monasteries and churches and most of them today are completely preserved. One of the churches that you can visit is the small church of St. Andrea from the 14th century which is located on the shore of the lake, and also the Monastery of St. Mary located in the immediate vicinity.
Besides the excellent conditions for sport and recreation, this place offers an opportunity for relaxation. Here you can come and enjoy a picnic on the banks of the river Treska, or sit in one of the restaurants and taste excellent traditional Macedonian food.

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