Church of the Holy Saviour, Skopje

25 Mar

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Located a few meters under the ground, with its distinctive appearance and method of construction, the church St. Spas attracts special attention. It is built on the foundations of the church that existed in the 16-17 century and was dedicated to St. Spas. The evidence is hidden in preserved frescoes in the south of the church, which was discovered during her repairs after the devastating earthquake in Skopje 1963. The present church was built in 18 century, and the final look it got in the 19th century.
Mentioned that the church was built a few feet under the ground, the reason for this is that at this time the Turkish authorities not allow churches or Christian temples to dominate the mosques. Iconostasis in the  Church of the Holy Saviour, Skopje Particular importance has the iconostasis which has masterfully performed a two-layered hand-carving. It is 7 meters high, 10 meters long, and it was made for 6 years of Master Petre Filipovski Garkata, Marko and Makarie Frchoski and their woodcarving group. In the church there are icons that are work of renowned Master Miak Zografos Dico.
Besides the church itself, in the yard is located museum and tomb of the Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delchev. The tomb is set on three stone pillars and it is symbolizing the fight and ideals of the revolutionary unification of the Macedonian state within its ethnic borders.

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