Memorial house of Mother Teresa in Skopje

27 Mar

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Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia, and immediately the next day on August 27, was baptized in the church, “Holy Heart of Jesus”, in Skopje with the name Agneza Gondza Bojadziu. She grew up in a good situated Catholic family with a mother Drona and father Nicholas, who were known for their generosity, mercy and goodness. Her family was living the rule “Love your God”. However her father died when she was 10 years old and she was raised by her mother, who was a pious woman with a wonderful character. Shortly after her father’s death, when Gondza had only 12 years, decided to dedicate her life to God. Then she enters to the monastery and become a nun.
At the age of 18, in 1928 for the first time she left her hometown and goes to Dublin where she joined the sisterhood “Loreto”. Shortly after that, she realized her desire. She went to Calcutta, India, where as a member of the sisterhood “Loreto” lays her first vows on May 25, 1931, while, on May 24, 1937 she gives her eternal oath.
In 1946 for the first time she begins to perform her mission to help the poorest. To accomplish this, after two years she is getting permission to leave the sisterhood ”Loreto” but without losing the status of a nun. Then she goes to live with the poorest and spread her prayerful message “Holy is not only hungry for bread, but even more to love”.
1950 Mother Teresa founded the order “The Missionaries of love” and from now she is fully dedicated in helping the poor and sick. Later the order was admitted by the Pope. Today it consists over 3,000 sisters and 500 brothers in more than 100 countries. All good works which Mother Teresa made together with “Missionaries of love” have been rewarded many times. The most important is the Nobel Peace Prize with which she was awarded in 1979 in Oslo, Norway. Until her death 05 September 1997, Mother Teresa was living in Calcutta, in the spirit of religiosity.
Just one year after her death, Pope John Paul II begins beatification procedure, which was finished on 19 October 2003. Now Mother Teresa needs just one more miracle to be declared as a saint.
Memories of Mother Teresa, her good deeds and the humanity, will always be stored in a Memory House, built in her honor. It is located in the center of her hometown Skopje, in the same place where once was sat the church “Holy Heart of Jesus” in which she was baptized, and also, where she received her first sacrament.

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