The Millenium Cross and mountain Vodno in Skopje

25 Mar

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Perhaps you are wondering how it is possible that this not so high mountain of 1067 meters to be so captivate? What is the reason that this mountain make some individuals addictive to climbing? The answer to this question you will find out by yourself, if you make the effort to climb on not so high, but nevertheless surprisingly steep mountain Vodno. Mountain Vodno, MacedoniaPerhaps only then you will agree that the mountain Vodno is always magical -on fogy days is mystical, spring time everything is filled with flowers and greenery, in autumn it is colored in yellow-brown and red, and in winter pine trees are so laden with snow what makes you feel like you’re at the North Pole. Here you will find plants and herbs of all kinds (yarrow, several types of mint, salep, medunika, more types of orchids and mushrooms), rich with all fungi that can be seen around the country. If you understand the fungi you will have to be among the first to pick up more than one basket.
The view from the top of Vodno to all directions is wonderful. You can see Osogovo Mountains in the east. In winter, when the sky is clear,when the mountains are covered with snow, and only when the weather is sunny, you can see Rila and Pirin. In the north of Skopje is the mountain Skopska Crna Gora, to the west – Shar mountain massif, on south massif Karadzica Jakupica and Dautica.
You will meet people from all professions and ages, academics, university professors, doctors, engineers, highly educated people, people with secondary education, artisans, craftsmen, retired … People of any profile, and they are all here for variety of needs, but with the same love. Of course, Vodno abound with animal life, everything that is not dangerous to humans.
The highest point of the mountain Vodno, is the place called Krstovar where the Millennium Cross is built. The Place Krstovar which basically means the place of the cross, bears its name because in the past there was a smaller cross. It was built in honor of the birth of Jesus and it is symbol of the 2000 year history of Christianity.
The height of the cross is 66m, width 46m and it is the highest objective in the Republic of Macedonia and the highest cross on Balkans. The central part where the cross is set, along with the amphitheater on one side and square on the other hand, represent the three rounds that mark the holy trinity. The basis built is with 12 columns and they symbolize the 12 apostles and followers of Jesus. In the Cross are placed 33 elements, which are symbolizing the years of Jesus.

cabins to the millenium cross in SkopjeMillennium Cross itself, the mountain home which is located in the vicinity and the regulated environment, offers you the option of special enjoyment overlooking the City on one side and huge mountains on the other side. There are several ways to get to the highest peak of the mountain Vodno. If you enjoy walking you can use marked walking trails half way up, then boarding with newly built funicular that will take you to the top and to the Millennium Cross. Funicular has 28 cabins and have a capacity to carry up to 1200 passengers per hour. Two of these are VIP cabins and they are equipped with white leather seats, room for champagne with cup holders. Each cabin has a place specially equipped for carrying sports equipment, bike or skis.

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