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The Old Bazaar in Skopje

21 Mar

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Suli Han, Skopje, the old bazaar

View over the Old Town in Skopje

Old Bazaar is the oldest part of Skopje, more than seven centuries old and it has been the most significant cultural, historical and commercial heritage of the city. Narrow streets, numerous shops, craft workshops, restaurants and cafes are just a little part of the unusual bazaar ambiance. The existence of this place dates back to the 12th century, and in the 13th century grew into one of the largest shopping centers on the Balkans. During the period of the Ottoman Empire besides the great number of small workshops and houses, many mosques, inns, and baths were built in the old town. The appearance of the Old Bazaar was often changed due to to floods, fires and earthquakes that happened to the city of Skopje. Special trace left the great conflagration in 1689, when the whole city of Skopje including the Old bazaar with all its facilities were almost completely burned. Over the next few centuries it was just a small bazaar. Since the 19th century, despite an another fire and the earthquake in 1963 in which the Old Bazaar in Skopje was badly damaged, starts again to get back its old glory.

Street in the old town

Today it contains 2150 different craft stores, a bezistene (a shopping center of commercial life, around which the whole bazaar is formed), mosques, more baths, inns (characteristic for them is the construction which was providing a good shelter for the traveling merchants, their transporting animal’s products they were selling). Ottoman architecture is dominating and is significant because it is the only one of this kind in Macedonia.
Today it is protected so it can not be change anything in her appearance and should not make any changes to the street network, the size of the parcels and blocks, cant built monuments nor crumbling. The purpose of this protection is to preserve the cultural, historical, ethnological, artistic value as well as its authenticity, age, diversity and uniqueness.
While you are staying at our hotel during your visit to Skopje you can take some of the organized one-day sightseeing tours in Skopje.

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