The church St. Panteleimon

25 Mar

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Frescoes from St  PanteleiomonOn the mountain Vodno just about half an hour climbing from our Hotel Pine and the surrounding area there are several cultural and spiritual monuments, of which stands the church of St. Panteleimon from 12th century (1164) in the form of a cross with five domes and narthex built during the reign of Emperor Alexius I Comnenus, painted by local artisans, which deviates from old Byzantine tradition capital, and allows himself strong coloration, emphasized tragedy expression of Mother of God in fresco  Lamentation of Christ.
According to beliefs in the vicinity of Skopje were located the properties of Angels and the Prince Alexei who was a favorite companion of King Manoil Comnenus who ruled with this city, and also was the patron of the church. He entrusted the work of an unknown artist who after making his work became known and will be remembered as a “master of painting from Nerezi”. Inside the church are preserved frescoes in all their authenticity from the 12th century.

Especially significant is the fresco, Lamentation of Christ. This kind of composition as the Lamentation of Christ, is found in most churches, but the unique is that in it can be seen, for the first time, how the angels are crying. This is the only fresco in which is represented scene of Virgin that overwhelmed by despair and pain for the first and the last time is straddle the dead body of Christ.Lamentation of Christ
After the earthquake of 1555, parts of the church were destroyed. The scene in which is shown Christ bring after Judas’ betrayal, in which it can be seen his suffering are the only thematic selection of new painting that follows the renovation of the church.
There are some recent theories that the above mentioned fresco, Lamentation of Christ, is the beginning of the renaissance painting, almost 140 years before the advent of the Cimabue and Giotto di Bondone in Italy with frescoes in Santa Maria del Arenja.

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