Sultan Murat Mosque

24 Mar

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Sultan Murat Mosque in Skopje, Macedonia

In the 15th and 16th century, during the Ottoman Empire the construction of sacred and profane buildings was intensified and many mosques, inns, baths, bezisten and other public buildings were built that time.
On the left side of the river Vardar, under the fortress Skopje Kale, there is one of most beautiful Islamic sacred buildings in the Balkans, Mustafa Pasha Mosque. Its position allows it to be viewed from all sides of the city. It is assumed that the mosque was built on the same place where once the church of St. Marina was located . The mosque was built in 1492 by the Turkish commander of Skopje, Mustafa Pasha, who was the son of the vizier Abdullah, who served Sultan Murad Beazit II from 1481 to 1512 and Sultan Selim I during 1512 to 1520.
It was considered that with the construction of Mustafa Pasha Mosque, were highlighted all the important values that were built and created in period of Ottoman rule. Within the complex of the mosque there were caravansary, madrassa, mekteb, Imaret, and turbe. But today day preserved are the mosque, mausoleum and the stone sarcophagus of Umi, who was the daughter of Mustafa Pasha. According to legend, Umi died in the yard of the mosque after bite by a poisonous snake and it was believed that this is a punishment for her father Mustafa Pasha because he built the mosque on the place where a  church  was located. But despite that, Mustafa Pasha was respected and loved ruler of Skopje not only by the Muslim population, but also by Christians since he built sewer and water supply systems of the entire city.
Otoman tourist atraction in skopjeThe turbe was built in 1519 and there was buried Mustafa Pasha. Its exterior is covered with white marble. Stone sarcophagus in which is the grave of his daughter Umi abounds with Rumi motives ornament. On the sarcophagus are inscribed inscriptions in Persian language. The mosque is a typical example of early architecture of Constantinople. It has a square base covered with a dome which is decorated with arabesques. The entrance in the mosque is through a porch made of white marble. Prayer space is located inside the mosque. The south-eastern part of the prayer space is mihrab, (the place where the prayer leader reads the Koran), while in the right side it is located the stage from where the prayers are reading. In general this mosque in terms of art, corresponds with Islamic buildings that are located in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul.

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