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    Comfortably sized double rooms with a nice view of the Mointain Vodno in Skopje in the quite and exclusive settlement of Kozle.

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    When you book a single room you actually get a double bedroom but you pay for a single room

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    Comfortably sized double rooms with a nice view of the Mointain Vodno in Skopje in the quite and exclusive settlement of Kozle.

Top 10 atractions in Skopje


Skopje is the main administrative, political, cultural end sports center in the Republic of Macedonia and it is situated in the north-west part of the Skopje valley. The town of Skopje is one of the major junctions on the Balkans and south of Europe as well. The E-75 highway is passing through it. The railroad network connects it with the central European countries, Aegean coastline all the way to the middle east. The Skopje airport Alexander the Great is located 20km from the center of the town and can hold plains with different performances.
In antique times Skopje was called Skupi and was inhabited by the Ilyric tribe of Dardanians. The town was a mercant and cultural centre of the area bearing the tribes name, covering the the area from Nish in Serbia to Veles.
The Romans left their cultural characteristic, too, living in the area 5 long centuries. The town got its present name in the Slavic time. The Slavs come in the area in the 7th century, while during Samoils rule the town was bishopric seat.
The town acquired its oriental characteristic after being conquered by the Ottoman Turks that stayed alike the Romans, for 5 centuries.
As a result of all these influences, the town of Skopje has different cultural and historical monuments that speak for its rich history. The ancient town of Skupi, located between the villages of Zlokukani and Bardovci, has its oven significance and importance. Special attention deserves the old theatre and the big basilica with the flour mosaics and the fresco-paintings on the walls.
After the disastrous earthquake in 518, the population in the town migrated on the right bank of the river Vardar i.e. the present location of Skopje.
The monument known as Skopje Kale (fortress) is said to be populated as far as Neolithic Period and the early Bronze Age. The long rampart is the oldest architecture of the fortress and it was built in 535 by the Roman Emperor Justinijan I. It is believed that he raised the new town Justinijana Prima, whose remains are under the rampart. If this was proved true, than it would be the biggest sensation ever and a real challenge for the tourists all over the world.
The monastery of St. Pantelejmon is located on the Vodno mountain slopes and the monastery church dates from the time of the Byzantine dynasty Komnen in the year 1164.

Mother Terese memorial house, Skopje, Macedonia

Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia, and immediately the next day on August 27, was baptized in the church, “Holy Heart of Jesus”, in Skopje with the name Agneza Gondza Bojadziu. She grew up in a good situated Catholic family with a mother Drona and father... Read more

Matka canyon near by Skopje

Located only 17 km from our hotel along the river Treska, lies the beautiful canyon Matka. This natural beauty which covers an area of 5000 hectares can satisfy the needs of any deliberate visitor. Thus, nature lovers have the opportunity to enjoy the view of this wonderful world that is... Read more

The millenium cross in Skopje

Perhaps you are wondering how it is possible that this not so high mountain of 1067 meters to be so captivate? What is the reason that this mountain make some individuals addictive to climbing? The answer to this question you will find out by yourself, if you make the effort to climb on... Read more

Church of the Holy Saviour, Skopje

  Located a few meters under the ground, with its distinctive appearance and method of construction, the church St. Spas attracts special attention. It is built on the foundations of the church that existed in the 16-17 century and was dedicated to St. Spas. The evidence is hidden... Read more

Sultan Murad Mosque, Skopje, Macedonia

  Sultan Murat Mosque in Skopje, Macedonia In the 15th and 16th century, during the Ottoman Empire the construction of sacred and profane buildings was intensified and many mosques, inns, baths, bezisten and other public buildings were built that time. On the left side of... Read more

Skopska Crna Gora near Skopje

Unexplored beauty near by Skopje- The mountain Skopska Crna Gora The mountain Skopska Crna Gora is high, massive and spacious mountain with lots of woods and pastures, access road for cars and beautiful scenery for family outings on weekends. Unfortunately, the mountain has been... Read more

The bazaar in the Old town, Skopje

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